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I have been composing since 1969, concentrating on lyrical tonal music and experimenting in various modes (particularly the Dorian and Octatonic).
Some of my work is aimed at good amateur musicians (both instrumental and vocal) but other pieces are quite virtuoso, especially solo works for flute, saxophone and violin which have been written for specific professional musicians.
I have also attempted to fill specific "gaps" in the market, in particular songs for alto (or baritone) voice and classical guitar: back in 1969, I asked my local music shop if they had such works.
When they said that they didn't, I immediately began to remedy the situation, and continue to do so, as you can see from my catalogue!


2015 begins

2015 begins Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra

This brilliant realisation performed by Jeremiah Bornfield
of my Sweet for Chamber Orchestra (arr. Colin Bayliss)

can now be found on CDBaby

There are also videos available on

this playlist on youtube.

One of the videos is Pretty how town, which includes images from places where I lived in London in the 1980s,

including a rather sweet indoor mural by my flatmate Lissie, an outdoor mural on Chicksand Street

and views from the making of the film Little Lord Fauntleroy!

For anyone who would like to hear electronic previews of my music for the Austrian and Ancient Egyptian play ATON

- due to be performed in Innsbruck some time in 2015 -

they can now all be heard (with samples of the scores and option to buy the whole scores)

on the ATON catalogue

Holocaust Memorial

Brad Blitz, professor at Middlesex University, asked me to create a wind quintet version of my Variations on the Jewish prayer Adon Olam (Eternal Lord)

especially for the Holocaust memorial in Barnet, North London in January 2015.

I wrote it in record time and it was performed by musicians from the Firebird Orchestra for the event

(although they had to cut a few sections from my original in order to allow the Cantorial Choir to sing along with them).

You can hear the Adon Olam section, with choir and wind quintet on this mp3

The score for the wind quintet version (with electronic preview) can be obtained on Musicaneo

News and Project News

News and Project News My suite for Recorder Orchestra was performed last Saturday (29 November 2014) in Marple by the Manchester Recorder Orchestra.
Plans are afoot for a repeat performance in February 2015 - not yet sure where, possibly nearer to Altrincham....

I just discovered that my Rupert the Chocolate Angel song has been arranged for a cappella choir by fellow countertenor
Reno Troilus and will be performed this Sunday (7 December 2014) by the Troilus Ensemble at Inverness Cathedral.
If it is recorded, I hope to feature it on this site eventually.

Also on 7 December I shall be performing my 'Christmas Song' with Brigitte Jones on keyboard at the Advent Service (11.00 am) in the Martinkirche, stretford.

1. The music for Aton continues to grow: if you would like to hear electronic previews of the settings so far, check out the musicaneo page here

2. Musik Fabrik is compiling a CD of some of my music published by them, due for release in 2015: this will feature, among other things,
a set of solo performances by New Zealand guitarist Bruce Paine and the brilliant performance of Tants Fraylachs by the the Japanese Iris Clarinet quartet

3. The Folk contra Punkt CD is shaping up and expanding nicely, also due for release in 2015: performers now include not only the original trio of Nancy and Elyce (flutes) with me on guitar but also
cellist Suellen Primost, the Fluteview trio and a new performance by Bruce Paine of my Japanese Song

4. The 'Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra' (Colin Bayliss" arrangement of my Suite for recorder orchestra) is currently being recreated as a truly lifelike performance by fellow composer Jeremiah Bornfield.
This is also due for release early in 2015.


Choir and flutes

Choir and flutes Several bits (or megabits...) of news:
Three new performances of my works:
The Composers Choir (directed by Daniel Shaw)
has performed two pieces of mine:

The Frostbound Wood (words by Tom Clarke)
available on Youtube (video)
and Musica Neo (score)
and CDBaby (downloadable audio)
Sing a New Song to the Lord (Psalm 98)
originally performed as part of the first performance of A Manchester Magnificat
and now performed as a separate work:
on Youtube (video)
and Subito (score)

and.... as a second offering:
a trio of brilliant flautists have performed :
Japanese Song - at the Greater SF International Flute Festival, San Jose,
(arrangement for 2 flutes and 1 alto flute)
available on Youtube (video)
and Musica Neo (various scores, check the one you want)

And .... as third megabit....
The current project is that I"m composing music for a stage play in Austria (Vorarlberg and Innsbruck) about the Egyptian god Aton ...
... much fun .... all change ....