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WelcomeWelcome to my new music site redesigned by my nephew and computer expert
Stephen Ellis.

It will comprise three linked domains:
which contains a search facility to enable musicians to find scores of my works,
this news-blog, my biography, international amazon links and widgets for itunes, Spotify etc

• which will showcase performances of my music by other musicians
throughout the world, including videos and mp3s

• which will showcase my own performances of works by various composers,
from early music to the present day - both as alto solo and as one-man choir.

As the site grows, you may find that some items from the original site are not
(or not yet) included, so feel free to explore the sprawling expanse of my
original site if you desire: Old site

On a more sombre and yet still uplifting note, you will also find a
memorial page for my mother, who was a great artist and whose life
and works are celebrated here: Elizabeth Mary Solomons

Comments are welcome....

Current news:

There will be a concert by David Carlston Williams on 17 August 2014 including
five of my organ pieces - I am hoping to upload recordings or videos of these some time in August.

A project is in progress with the Ravel Virtual Studios who will be performing
nine of my chamber and orchestral works for a CD entitled "Approaching Reality".
This should be online by the end of August 2014

A project with "choir for composers" is also planned, which will include
performances of various of my choral works…. some time around October 2014

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