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News and Project NewsMy suite for Recorder Orchestra was performed last Saturday (29 November 2014) in Marple by the Manchester Recorder Orchestra.
Plans are afoot for a repeat performance in February 2015 - not yet sure where, possibly nearer to Altrincham....

I just discovered that my Rupert the Chocolate Angel song has been arranged for a cappella choir by fellow countertenor
Reno Troilus and will be performed this Sunday (7 December 2014) by the Troilus Ensemble at Inverness Cathedral.
If it is recorded, I hope to feature it on this site eventually.

Also on 7 December I shall be performing my "Christmas Song" with Brigitte Jones on keyboard at the Advent Service (11.00 am) in the Martinkirche, stretford.

1. The music for Aton continues to grow: if you would like to hear electronic previews of the settings so far, check out the musicaneo page here

2. Musik Fabrik is compiling a CD of some of my music published by them, due for release in 2015: this will feature, among other things,
a set of solo performances by New Zealand guitarist Bruce Paine and the brilliant performance of Tants Fraylachs by the the Japanese Iris Clarinet quartet

3. The Folk contra Punkt CD is shaping up and expanding nicely, also due for release in 2015: performers now include not only the original trio of Nancy and Elyce (flutes) with me on guitar but also
cellist Suellen Primost, the Fluteview trio and a new performance by Bruce Paine of my Japanese Song

4. The "Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra" (Colin Bayliss' arrangement of my Suite for recorder orchestra) is currently being recreated as a truly lifelike performance by fellow composer Jeremiah Bornfield.
This is also due for release early in 2015.


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