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InsspirationsLooking through my studio window in Dad's house in Loughborough I get even more inspiration than in Sale -

Here are a few highlights, from the most recent:

Last Friday I was asked to write a set of 1662 style Preces and Responses for our parish church choir here in Loughborough - so I decided to base them on an East Midlands folk melody (Child's Ballad 118 - a tune which is often used for the song about Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne: Nottingham and Sherwood forest being fairly close by).
So here it is on Musicaneo

Inspired by photos of my friend Lissie jumping on a trampoline, I indulged in a little Monty Python style animation to give her some more moves
on Youtube

Inspired by bumblebees on our cotoneaster bush, I decided to indulge in a some ipod action and a composition to go with it:
on Youtube

My New Troubadour Blues now has an arrangement for clarinet and guitar - challenging but fun:
on Youtube

My Looking just looking in the personal ads now has an arrangement for flute and guitar by way of accompaniment for old footage of fluffy dogs in Sale park
on Youtube


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