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The Quiet Way you move me - a Christmas lullaby

The Quiet Way you move me - a Christmas lullabyThis song has now undergone so many arrangements that I have almost lost count!
It is certainly one of my favourite tunes.
I am only so sad that the man who wrote the words - Nevil Frenkiel - is no longer with us.
Over the years I have been unsure whether
the words are addressed by the Virgin Mary to her baby Jesus
or by the mother of Barabbas, the name of the play where the lullaby is sung.
I have come to the conclusion that it must be the baby Jesus in view of these lines:
Now within your drowsy eyes
I can see why the world has lost
all its wonders.
A new dream is rising.
impatient to begin.

Here is the new Quiet Way page, with all the versions and performances.

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