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Schubert and Mysterious Moment

Schubert and Mysterious MomentContinued the ongoing Schubert project with his gorgeous "Gesänge des Harfners" (Songs of the harpist)
- versions for low voice, alto voice, cor anglais, flute, clarinet with piano accompaniment and with guitar accompaniment
all thanks to a suggestion by Steven Harper who will be performing quite a lot of my Schubert arrangements.
The words are by Gothe but I have also provided English singing translations for the low voice versions.
The catalogue sets are at Gesänge des Harfners
and all other Schubert arrangements

Also added three other versions of Mysterious Moment (the octatonic mystery music originally intended to illustrate my short story calledThe Door".
I've made videos of the version for oboe and string trio
and the version for alto flute and string trio (the second featuring this door and sunflowers painted by my mother).
The scores and parts for all versions - so far: cor anglais, flute, alto flute and oboe with string trio can be found here.

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