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Suite for Recorder Orchestra

Suite for Recorder OrchestraBack in February 2015 the Manchester Recorder Orchestra gave its fourth, and best yet, performance of my Suite for Recorder Orchestra.
Now, at last, I have the recording, which can be heard here.
It was great to see and hear them play it again after a gap of about 18 years (the first performance was in 1997!).

Other news:

Daniel Mihai has released a video of his performance of my Klezomaticus for violin solo

Dad and I have made a couple of videos based on Ronsard's poem A Cassandre - in which he recites the French original (in modern French pronunication) and his own English translation.
This was made in response to a request from the bassoonist Franck Leblois for French poetry to be recited with solo bassoon accompaniment.
Hoping for a live performance from Franck soon, but meanwhile here are the videos made by Dad and me:
French version
English version

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