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Masses of Music

Masses of MusicThe Mass for choir and orchestra, together with the grand finale Ite Missa Est for orchestra, has now been released
on Bandcamp and CDBaby -
(soon to be released also on itunes and Amazon and as a video on youtube and Vimeo).
This beautiful performance was made by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra and Choir under Zoltan Pad.

Those who are familar with my music will recognise it as a rather grand expansion of the Mass for men's voices and organ

On a different tack, I have recently released instrumental arrangements of some popular 20th century songs, including several Beatles songs
and Arlen's Stormy Weather. These have been made with the permission of the original copyright holders through the SheetMusicPlus
ArrangeMe system. For all relevant links to scores and mp3s please visit my arrangements page.

More news soon, including a saxophone quartet in Nottingham and some great performances from Chile ...

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