This was our gite

Typical bedroom





 singsong at Auquainville



Living room



 Auquainville birds down the hill


 Auquainville - more birds



There isn’t much to Auquainville, it is miles from anyway, a few houses, no shops or bars,

a little church down a very steep hill, which was closed except on every fourth Sunday of the month,

a few noisy dogs. 

What do the fifty or so residents of this bourg do all day?  Perhaps they go down that same steep hill to that mysterious

agricultural estate with the FEOGA sign on its gate-way, its pond, and the one lonely cow on its little meadow 

…switch on the imagination…What is Brussels funding in this lonely swathe of Norman soil? –

the invention of the Euro-cheese? The Euro cider?  The final solution to foot and mouth? 

Or something even more mysterious….





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