Some reminiscences on Normandy and Britanny April-May 2001


* Soundfiles




Roche D’Oëtre


Belgians on the Roche d'Oetre


With the English girls at Roche d'Oetre





St Brice en Coglès


Description of meal in Lion D'Or


St Brice - Gloria


St Brice organ and bells together


Sanctus - St Brice


Pauline at St Brice




Coglès – the play:


Salut a toi! – from Guitry’s play Jean III


O Mon Dieu – from Guitry’s play Jean III






Cherbourg background music


Cherbourg-les inséparables


Cherbourg St Trinité echo




St Germain de Livet


Dad finds the cat at St Germain de Livet


Peacock at St Germain de Livet


Guide round St Germain de Livet




Mont St Michel


Polish Choir at Mont St Michel


guide at Mont St Michel




Descriptions and conversations


Our host in Tostes on webmaking


owner of the Maison du Vin in Lisieux


Falaise cathedral description and background


Falaise-description of Lemaitre paintings


Mum on the artists in Honfleur


Summary of Roche d'Oetre, the Perroquet crêperie etc


Tostes-first summary


Tostes-second summary


St Therese, the guide speaks about her





Some home-made culture:


Dad recites his poem Bretagne


singsong at Auquainville




All those echos and other Cathedral sounds


echo at St Therese crypt


echo at St Therese main


echos in Dol Cathedral


Falaise cathedral echo


Cherbourg St Trinité echo


St Therese crypte end of service


Grand-Choeur - APF Boely - Bayeux Cathedral






Auquainville birds down the hill


Auquainville - more birds


Cherbourg-les inséparables






Bells at St Brice en Cogles


bells at Vimoutiers


St Therese - the bells





Various songs and sketches about rain


L'Auto-Stop - Maxime Le Forestier


Romance sous la pluie - Maurice Chevalier


Une Nuit au camping





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