Suite in D for baroque flute and cello

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This was originally written as a flute solo at the request of (and edited by) flautist Dr Robert David Billington,
who is playing it here on a Richard Hahn copy of a Heinrich Grenser flute from the late 1700s.
It is made from ebony.
It is played at A=415 hz which is the equivalent of Ab in modern pitch.
The work is in 4 movements in D major
(except the second movement which is in D harmonic minor)
with the sequence Slow-Fast-Slow-Fast
Each movement ends with the same tactus (close) for each movement.

This version has an additional simple cello part performed by Matt Weiss (with strings transposed down to baroque pitch).

Later this year there will be a version in which cello and flute in modern pitch are “equal partners” in terms of complexity, which will be called “Suita Antiqua”