Delian Society Contact details

These are the contact details of many of the Delian Society members, for people wishing to contact them for separate instrumental parts of particular pieces.

For security reasons I am using “ [at] ” instead of “@”

(In the case of music composed by Joseph Dillon Ford and David Warin Solomons, the links provided here already contain the necessary information for obtaining parts.

In the case of some other composers, I have not included email addresses here simply because they can no longer be contacted).

Andre van Haren   andrevanharen [at]

Anthony Linden     lindensong [at]

Antoine Ouellette    ouellette.antoine [at]

Carlos Caicedo-Russi    crcaicedo [at]

Donna Adams-Profeta   donnaharps [at]

Ed Durbrow     edurbrow [at]

Edward Gold   goldmidi438 [at]

Graham Marshall   pizzicatoman [at]

Jean Chatillon    jean.chatillon15 [at]

Jonathan Rabson    jonaanoj [at]

Karen Peace     ke_peace [at]

Matthew Weiss shalin3327 [at]

Michael Mauldin      michael [at]

Michael Starke     mikestarke [at]

Nancy Bloomer Deussen   ndeussen [at]

Patrick O’Keefe   pokeefe0001 [at]

Raymond Lohengrin    guitarrarl [at]

Reinhold Behringer    reinhold.behringer [at]

Ronald J Brown     ron [at]

Sheila Firestone     sheilasong [at]

Thomas Matyas       thomasmatyas [at]

Warren Park          wpark [at]