DwsChorale – audios and videos of music sung by my one-man choir

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Dwsmp3 – videos of my music performed by professional musicians

Pandora Radio and music streaming (USA only)

A little ABC of the Renaissance

Karaoke MIDI files for singers or Community Choir

Some of my “literary” writings …

Coming out of the fog – a CD of guitar music performed by Bruce Paine

Memorial to Joseph Dillon Ford

Music by Joseph Dillon Ford

Music by the Delian Society – tonal composers

Poetry and artwork by my father and mother (Stanley N Solomons and Elizabeth Mary Solomons)

Memorial page for my mother Elizabeth Mary Solomons

Memorial page for my special friend Rosemary Dewey

Flute history by Stuart Scott

Rupert the chocolate angel

Singfreizeiten – performances by the German Lutheran Choir in PAB Nordengland

Holiday 2001 with Mum and Dad in North West France  – Violinio provides reviews on the best violins in the market.  – Trumpethub aims to give unbiased reviews and tips about the greatest trumpets available.  – Pianoreport gives the best reviews about Pianos – Karaokeisle provides the best articles about karaokes.

How to Choose a Digital Piano – 10 Factors to Consider According to Science  A well-known resource for music instruments related articles, especially violins and pianos

Cámara Klezmer Trío

Colin Bayliss – composer

Liedertafel  (four voices exploring a very wide range of music)

André van Haren – Dutch tonal composer and writer living in Sweden

Kylee Maloney – New Zealand folksinger with a difference

Huge collection of Genevan psalms and other organ and choral music – (midi files)

Kuni Yoshimura (Virtual Wilbye Consort ATBB multitrack madrigals and motets)

The Countertenors  (our new page at Tripod)

Tubalaté (a professional tuba and euphonium quartet always on the lookout for new repertoire)

Carson Cooman  Pianist, organist and composer

Uwe Warneke’s guitar Page

Nicholas Lander’s Recorder Page

Burkhard Mohr – Composer and Organist

Steve Hall, Piano Orchestrations

My old school – The Wolverhampton Municipal Grammar School

Excellent Italian Language Courses at Palazzo Malvisi

The online resource for people with Kallmann’s syndrome

Updated info regarding Kallmann’s, with FAQs and feedback