Delian Society Suites

The Delian Society, conceived by American composer Joseph Dillon Ford, was founded on 23 January 2004. From the outset, it was envisioned as an international community of composers, performers, scholars, technical specialists, and amateurs dedicated to the revitalization of the great tonal traditions in art music. The Society takes its name from Delos, birthplace of Apollo, whose mythic image as the god of music, light, and prophecy remains one of the most powerful and enduring symbols of creative expression.

By June of 2009, the Society had grown to approximately one hundred thirty members representing dozens of nations on six continents.

The Delian Society is committed to egalitarianism and diversity, and enthusiastically invites the participation of others around the world who share its fundamental principles, values, and objectives. Membership is open to all, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or marital status.

Since 2004, the Society has created a series of suites of music in many different styles, often based on suggested themes.

These are:


The Colors of Peace – 2004

The Buddhas of Bamiyan – 2004

Delian Suite No 1 – 2005 – “Postcards”

Delian Suite No 2 – 2006 – “Spooks, Spirits and Sprites”

Nu Mu [Sic!] Unlimited – 2006 –  “Space Gas”

Delian Suite No 3 – 2007 –  (The Virtues)

Virtual New Music Garden Folly – 2007


Recreated on this site:

Ye New Music Fayre 2008

Variations on Westron Wynde for North American Native Flute – 2004-2009

Delian Suite No 4 – 2008 – Bosch!

Delian Suite No 5 – 2009 – Variations concertantes sur le nom de Paul Verlaine

Ye New Music Fayre 2009

Nu-Music Unlimited 2009 In search of Lost time

Delian Suite 2010 and Ye New Music Fayre – Dialogues with the Muses

Delian Suite No 6  2010 – Variations on a Haitian Lullaby (Dodo Titite)

Le Horla – 2012 – (after the novel by Guy de Maupassant)

Delian Suite No 7 – 2012 – (Robin Hood Suite and Heroes)

Delian Suite No 8 – 2016 – Letters to Eternity

Delian Suite No. 9 – 2016 – Voices of a Living Earth


Delian Suite No 10 – 2018 – Concert by the Octava Chamber Orchestra in memory of Joseph Dillon Ford

Delian Suite No 11 – 2020 – Concert planned for October 2020 – Poetic Inspirations

Delian Suite No 12 – 2020 onwards – Stretching Tonality

Works by Delian composers sung by the dwsChorale

Interview regarding the Delian Society: Molly Childers interviews Joseph Dillon Ford

Contact details of members of the Delian Society, for anyone desiring instrumental parts of specific pieces