Delian Suite VI: Variations on a Haitian Lullaby (Dodo Titite) for flute and guitar

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On 12 January 2010 a magnitude-7.0 earthquake devastated the already impoverished island nation of Haiti. Its densely populated capital Port-au-Prince sustained almost unimaginable damage, and the death toll, if it can ever be accurately reckoned, is believed by many to exceed 200,000. Hundreds of thousands more were left injured, maimed, and homeless—many of them young children.

Recovery from this major natural disaster is likely to take decades, but you can help to accelerate the process by contributing generously to the relief or charitable organization of your choice (see links below for a list of possibilities). If you enjoy our Delian Suite No. 6 (see mp3 links below), we urge you to donate as much and as often as you possibly can.

Although the Delian Society is not a relief or charitable organization and does not solicit contributions, an international group of our composers and performers, collectively moved by the tragedy, have created this suite of movements for flute and guitar based on the beloved Haitian melody “Dodo titite” (“Sleep, Little Baby”) to help to keep international attention focussed on Haiti.

The music is available for the first time here for download, recorded by the Serenade Duo (movements 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in the alphabetical list below, and additional link at movement 5) and a special duo comprised of flautist Melanie Chirignan and guitarist Tim Maynard.

The score and parts of the Delian Suite No. 6: Variations on a Haitian Lullaby are available free of charge in PDF format to any flute and guitar duo committed to performing our music for the express purpose of benefitting the people of Haiti.

Permission to broadcast or present our music for non-profit humanitarian or cultural purposes, including radio broadcasts, will usually be expeditiously granted, but requires our prior written approval.


Carlos Caicedo-Russi (Carabobo, Venezuela)

Jean Chatillon (Québec, Canada)

Robin Escovado (California, USA)

Sheila Firestone (Florida, USA)

Joseph Dillon Ford (Florida, USA)

Edward Gold (New York, USA)

Graham Marshall (Rochdale, United Kingdom)

Warren Park (Minnesota, USA)

David Solomons (Sale, United Kingdom)