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The cat in the sink

When I’m sitting on the throne
The cat comes in with purring tone
Leaps in the sink
For a lovely drink
A simple task
You well may think
So I push up the tap’s sole lever
For my lovely feline diva
She purrs and drinks the freshest water
In the house, as well she oughta!
Then all goes dry: in her happy fever
She’s simply pushed back down the lever!

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With a little help from my Friends

Delone Catholic music students from grades 4-12 have been using the Soundtrap digital audio workstation
to submit assignments while the schools are closed due to COVID-19.
The Delone Flute Trio, with guitarist, has taken it a step further, using Soundtrap and video editing
software to create an online collaborative cover of
my arrangement of The Beatles’ (I Get By) “With a Little Help From My Friends” –
a very appropriate song for these challenging times.

Video (mp4)

Score on Sheetmusic Plus

BTW for those who are interested: the coat of arms has the words “Estote factores verbi”, which means “You must be doers of the word”

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Music Competition in Austria

On Tuesday 3 March 2020 during the music competition of the Niederösterreich Landeswettbewerb “Prima la musica”
at the Festspielhaus in St. Pölten, Austria
Carla Schulte-Hermann – Flute
Laura Schulte-Hermann – Clarinet
Sirina Saleh – Guitar
performed my Romance
and 3 of my arrangements:
The ballad of green broom
Duetto buffo di due gatti (Cats Duet)
The Londonderry Air (Oh Danny Boy)