Le Horla – 2012 – (after the novel by Guy de Maupassant)

Le Horla – music for bassoon, violin and piano to accompany readings from Maupassant’s novel Le Horla.  Each composer took a quote from the novel to illustrate in music, following a soggetto cavato provided by Joseph on the basis of the name Guy de Maupassant.

The suite was intended for a concert under the “Fou du Bassoon” flag, but this has not yet materialised.

Text of Le Horla on Gutenberg.org

Texts from Le Horla to be spoken between movements of this suite (pdf)

Scores (pdf), electronic previews (mp3) and videos in the Delian Suite:

David Solomons (Sale, United Kingdom): “Les cloches de Rouen / The Bells of Rouen” (pdf and mp3)

Ron Brown (Ontario, Canada): “Mystère de l’invisible / Mystery of the Invisible” (pdf)

Sheila Firestone (Florida, USA): “Une inquiétude incompréhensible / An Incomprehensible Feeling” (pdf)      (mp3)

Edward Gold (New York, USA): “Dans une langue inconnue / In a Strange Language” (pdf)  

Edward Durbrow (Saitama, Japan): “Cauchemars anciens / Old Nightmares” (pdf)               mp3

Nancy Bloomer Deussen (California, USA): “La Seine / The Seine” (pdf)

Carlos Caicedo-Russi (Carabobo, Venezuela): “J’ai vu ! / I Have Seen It!” (pdf)

Robin Escovado (California, USA): “Le clavier cérébral / The Cerebral Keyboard” (pdf)

Anthony Linden Jones (NSW, Australia): “Une épidémie de folie / An Epidemic of Madness” pdf     mp3

Jean Chatillon (Québec, Canada): “Une fleur qui vole / A Flying Flower”) (pdf)

Warren Park (Minnesota, USA): “Au feu ! / Fire!” (Pdf)                  (mp3)

Joseph Dillon Ford (Florida, USA): “Après l’homme le Horla / After Man the Horla” (pdf and mp3)