Delians Suite IV Bosch!

Welcome to BOSCH!, the 2008 Delian Suite web page!

This year’s Delian Suite celebrates the artistic imagination of the great Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch (b. ca. 1450, d. 1516). By visiting the links listed below, you can listen to mp3s of each composer’s musical contribution, read program notes, and view images evoking each movement of this international creative collaboration by members of the Delian Society. You will also find links to the composers enabling you to acquire scores or to learn more about each selection.

The Delian Suite No. IV, in collaboration with the “Colloque Fou de Basson” held in June 2008 at Angoulême, France, prominently features the bassoon in each of the works contributed by fifteen composers residing in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. It is the centerpiece of the Delian Games, held annually in the month of May.

All composer members of the DS, whether professional or amateur, were eligible to participate in this noncompetitive collaborative project. Each was asked to contribute music based on the overall theme of “BOSCH!” It was understood in advance that the movements could be performed individually or combined to form a suite, such that the choice of movements and the order in which they are performed is left entirely to the players (or, in the case of those who visit this web page, to the listeners).

All those contributing to the project display a platinum 2008 Delian Games medallion on their web pages in acknowledgment of the Society’s appreciation for their creative gifts.

Special thanks go to Franck Leblois of the Conservatoire Gabriel Fauré for his valuable contributions as a concert organizer and virtuoso performer, and to all those who gave so generously of their musical creativity and skill to make this event such a marked success.

(Unfortunately the concert was not recorded: any mp3s shown below are electronic previews except where marked live)

Ron Brown (Ontario, Canada): “Terrestrial Paradise”

Carlos Caicedo-Russi (Carabobo, Venezuela): “Ship of Fools” (pdf)          (mp3)

Jean Chatillon (Québec, Canada): “Une veillée au rang Croche!” (“A Shindig on the Crooked Concession Line!”)

Nancy Bloomer Deussen (California, USA): “Nature’s Celestial Majesty” (pdf)

Ed Durbrow (Saitama Prefecture, Japan): “Ship of Fools” (pdf)

Sheila Firestone (Florida, USA): “The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field” pdf    

Joseph Dillon Ford (Florida, USA): “Les sept péchés capitaux” (“The Seven Deadly Sins”) pdf and mp3

Edward Gold (New York, USA): Variations for Bassoon and Wind Quartet (“The Wayfarer,” Tonus Peregrinus) (pdf)         (mp3)

Anthony Linden Jones (New South Wales, Australia): “The Stone of Madness”

Warren Park (Minnesota, USA): “Exuberant Abandon” (mp3 – Live)

Note from composer: “This is actually Woodwind Quartet #3, ‘Newfoundland’.   Anyone interested may request a free printed score from me by e-mailing me at wpark [at] ”

Karen Peace (Colorado, USA): “The Magician” (pdf)    (mp3)

Jon Lyle Smith (Oklahoma, USA): Trio for Bassoon, Clarinet, and Piano (pdf)     (mp3)

David Solomons (Sale, United Kingdom): “La chute des anges rebelles” (“Fall of the Rebellious Angels” (pdf and mp3)

Michael Starke (Oregon, USA): Trio Sonata for Two Bassoons and Basso Continuo (pdf)   (mp3)

Daniel Thompson (Minnesota, USA): “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (Impressions on a painting by Bosch) (pdf)