Delian Suite No 10 Concert in memory of Joseph Dillon Ford

Part of the concert given by The Octava Chamber Orchestra on September 23rd 2018

MP3 of the whole Joseph Dillon Ford Memorial section of the concert

I. Jean Chatillon: Elegie Pour La Nature (pdf)

II. Michael Mauldin: Phillip’s Tune (pdf)

III. Sheila Firestone: Lakeside Walk With Joe (pdf)    

IV. Joseph Dillon Ford arr. D W Solomons: There is Nothing to Fear (pdf and mp3)                Video

V. Ronald James Brown: Joe a tribute (pdf)     (mp3)

Programme of the concert (pdf)

ALSO, other recent performances by the Octava Chamber Orchestra in honour of Joseph Dillon Ford:

Video of an Orchestral arrangement of Joseph Dillon Ford’s Gate of Paradise

Ronald Brown Lux Aeterna (mp3)       Score (pdf)

Sheila Firestone River of Grass (mp3)

Patrick O’Keefe Night Moods (mp3)