Delian Suite 2010 and Ye New Music Fayre – Dialogues with the Muses

Ye New Music Fayre 2010 – Delian Suite: Dialogs with the Muses

Gianluca Bersanetti (California, USA): Concerto in G Minor for Four Harpsichords on IMSLP

Ronald Brown (Ontario, Canada):

“Euterpe, Melpomene, Thalia: Music, Tragedy, Comedy”  (pdf)        (mp3)

Carlos Caicedo-Russi (Carabobo, Venezuela): “Un poco de nostalgia” (pdf)     mp3

Nancy Bloomer Deussen (California, USA): “Pegasus Suite” score (hard copy)        mp3

Sheila Firestone (Florida, USA): Farewell (pdf)             Video

Joseph Dillon Ford (Florida, USA): Selections from Mythus:

                   MYTHUS for Choir and Orchestra – Stanza1 pdf and mp3  

                   MYTHUS for Choir and String Orchestra – Stanza 3 pdf and mp3

                   MYTHUS for Choir and Orchestra – Stanza 5 pdf and mp3

                   MYTHUS for Choir and Orchestra – Stanza 7 pdf and mp3

Hubert Garavel (Grenoble, France): Impromptu (pdf and mp3 on       mp3

Edward Gold (New York, USA):  “Dover Beach” (needs Myriad plugin)

Edward Gold (New York, USA): “Crossing the Bar (needs Myriad plugin)

Raymond Lohengrin (Florida, USA): Readings from the Tao Te Ching

Graham Marshall (Rochdale, United Kingdom): “Au Relais des Fauveries” (mp3)

Thomas Matyas (New York, USA): Fugue on a Theme of Antonio Vivaldi (Video)

David Solomons (Sale, United Kingdom): Thalia’s Rag  (pdf and mp3)                     Video



Dvorak’s original Question (pdf)

Robin Escovado (California, USA):

1st mp3       2nd mp3      3rd mp3      4th mp3      5th mp3       6th mp3     7th mp3

1st pdf        2nd pdf        3rd pdf       4th pdf       5th pdf        6th pdf

Joseph Dillon Ford (Florida, USA) (3rd Movement “An answer to Antonin”) pdf and mp3