Westron Wynde Suite

The old tune Westron Wynde, was quite well-known in the English Renaissance (Tudor period) and, despite its somewhat risqué text, was the basis for several “Westron Wynde” Masses, particularly of John Taverner (1490-1545), Christopher Tye (c.1505 – 1573 ) and John Sheppard (c.1520-c.1560). It is, in fact, possible that Taverner wrote the original tune. (He is not to be confused with the modern composer, Sir John Tavener.)

How the words fit the tune is also unknown; they are as follows in modern English:

Western wind when will thou blow
the small rain down may rain
Christ, if my love were in my arms
and I in my bed again.

The Suite, begun in 2004, was written for the flautist and Native North American Flute player James Pellerite.  Because of the North American Native flute connection the theme of Westron Wynde is sometimes used here to illustrate the legend of Siyotanka

Joseph Dillon Ford – Siyotanka or Variations on Westron Wynde for flute (or North American Native Flute) and strings

Nancy Bloomer-Deussen – Night Forest (CD)                Video

Antoine Ouellette – Siyotanka, op. 35 pour flûte amérindienne et orchestre à cordes

(ou flûte à bec ou flûte traversière) (CD)

Information for the score at the Centre de Musique Canadienne

David Warin Solomons – Celebration for North American Native flute, violin solo and strings                  Video

David Warin Solomons – Westerly (arrangement for flute solo, violin solo and strings of Celebration)

(Score)    (Score and Parts)

Note: the following work by Edward Gold precedes the suite itself, but I have included it for interest

Edward Gold – Scherzo on the Westron Wynde                mp3