“Karaoke” a.k.a. Music Minus One

Following a request from a community choir conductor, I have decided to upload some “Music Minus One” (or “Karaoke”) midi files, for singers to sing along with.

Initially, the MIDI instrument is piano and the key is for medium voices.

Once you have put them in your electronic keyboard, however, you can of course choose your preferred instrument, key and tempo.

For those without electronic keyboards, who would like mp3 files to play over speakers instead, please contact me at dwsolo [at] gmail.com, specifying preferred tempo and key, and I can create them for you, for a donation via paypal.

MIDI files
(depending on your setup, these links either open a new tab or save the file to your Download folder)

Boomps a Daisy

Down at the old Bull and Bush

Hey Little Hen

How much is that doggie in the window

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts


Lilli Marlene

Lily of Laguna

O Mister Porter

Oh Oh Antonio

Oh what a beautiful morning

On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep

Spread a little happiness

When Father papered the parlour

Full performance and karaoke versions of

“To my Wife”

poem by S N Solomons

to the music of H P Danks

(Silver threads among the gold)

(and my German translation “An meine Frau”)

Playlist on youtube

Example mp3s already created – using a “honky tonk” piano sound:

Boomps a daisy (slow version)

Boomps a daisy (fast version)


I have also made a singalong video for some of the songs, which can be seen here:

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