30 original pieces for classical guitar solo


This album comprises 30 original pieces for guitar solos – each piece is also available separately on this site but this album provides a considerable discount.

The sound sample is my performance of Japanese song.

Included Pieces:

  1. 1st song to 9th song (including Japanese Song as number 5)
  2. 8 Easter essays
  3. a fond farewell
  4. a time suite
  5. a toy
  6. Antonelli rag
  7. Brigitte
  8. Chinese canon in D and in E
  9. Country dance variations
  10. Dinner time rag
  11. Flibbertygibbet
  12. Lullaby 1982
  13. Matmata de profundis
  14. Now and Then
  15. Paddy asleep
  16. Quintra
  17. Rag contra punkt
  18. Rag in 9
  19. Romance for guitar
  20. Strasbourg Rag
  21. Suite in lute tuning

Video – performance of Japanese Song by Bruce Paine



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