5 Whimsies by Graham Marshall for voice(s) and piano


Composed by Graham Marshall and performed here by David Warin Solomons

When Charles
the second
Nell fell.

(based on the clerihew by Edmund Clerihew Bentley)

I wish I was a little grub
With whiskers round my tummy,
I’d climb into a honey pot
And make my tummy gummy.

(anonymous nursery rhyme)

There was a young fellow from Clyde
Who fell down a sewer and died.
….The next day his brother
….Fell into another
So now they’re interred side by side.

(anonymous limerick)

The shades of night were falling fast
The rain was falling faster
When through an Alpine village passed
An Alpine village pastor.

(based on a poem by A E Housman)

An author owned an asterisk
And kept it in his den
Where he wrote tales which had large sales
Of erring maids and men,
And always, when he reached the point
Where carping censors lurk,
He called upon the asterisk
To do his dirty work!

(based on the poem by Stoddard King (1889-1933))