Au Toun Coenh for soprano recorder and guitar


Theme and variations based on a spinning song from Gascony (France).
Au toun coènh qu’as un riban blan
Blan coun néu au sorel levan
Bére hialayre, Bére hialayre
Qui hiales dou matin au sé,
Dis mé perqué?
Bire, huzét, bire, bire, bire
Dou matin au sé, bire, bire.
Que cau u’pèlhe end’abilha
La maynade qui ban batia

Your distaff has a white ribbon
White as snow at sunrise
Lovely spinner, lovely spinner
Who spins from morning to evening
Tell me why?
Turn spindle, turn, turn, turn
from morning to evening turn, turn
we must have linens to dress
The child whom we will baptize.