Camp David (from Sweet Suite) for String quintet (2 violins, 1 viola, 2 cellos)



Part of a sequence for string quintet
The movements are:
1 – Marie for shame, a sprightly number encouraging Marie to get out of bed and enjoy the day. It is inspired by the poem “Marie vous estes paresseuse” by Ronsard.
2 – Nocturne is Marie going back to sleep! Possibly my most indulgent piece.
3 – Camp David is based on a Yiddish folk song – ikh bin a meidel in de joren.
4 – Blue Boar Blue is based on a poem by a friend who lived in Blue Boar quad (Christ CHurch Oxford) and laments the fact he has to stay in and study while he is actually looking forward to taking his girlfriend out punting on the river