Camp David – from Sweet Suite – piano solo version



Arrangement by concert pianist and composer Daniela Mastrandrea of my “Sweet Suite” – a four movement sequence originally written for string quintet.
The piano version is fairly difficult and requires large stretches at times, but for those who like a challenge it is well worth it.
The original stories behind the movements are:

1. Marie for shame (4′ 30”) – based on a setting of the poem Maries vous estes paresseuse – Marie for shame to keep a-bed too long, you must get up and enjoy life.
2. Nocturne (2′ 50”) is basically a segue to the first movement, in which Marie yawns and goes back to bed! The harmonies are rich and yet somnolent.
3. Camp David (4′ 10”) is a sprightly number based on the Yiddish folksong Ikh bin a meidel in de joren – I am a maiden come of age and I am looking for a husband.
4. Blue Boar Blue (3′ 30”) is based on a poem by a friend stuck studying in his college room (Blue Boar Quad at Christ Church Oxford) but dreaming of sunny outings to the river and punting.

This is one of the movements. The full suite is also available in one file on musicaneo.