Delphine for flute solo, duo or trio (all 5 versions)


These are all 5 of the series of flute pieces based on the Delphine mode
(This new mode is based on my “Modal Madness” for brass quintet in which one part (originally intended for the horn player Delphine Gauthier-Guiche)
invents a new mode: a-a#-b-c-c#-f-f#-g)
There are five versions:
flute solo
flute duo
flute trio (pdf includes score and separate parts)
flute duo with 2 bar displacement (i.e. a canon a 2)
flute trio with 2 and 4 bar displacements (i.e. a canon a 3) (includes score and separate parts)
This one is a bundle of all 5 versions

Video of canon version for 2 flutes:

Video of homophonic version for 2 flutes:

Video of trio: