Die Forelle (The Trout) for viola and guitar



Instrumental arrangement of Schubert’s famous song about the trout.
As opposed to earlier simpler guitar arrangements available online, this version follows the piano part
including the chromatic scales and the high notes (going up to the 17th fret) as the fish leaps up high,
but I have simplified the harmony in a few places to make it playable for a high-average or advanced guitarist.

(Words – with my translation for information)
In einem Bächlein helle, da schoß in froher Eil
Die launische Forelle vorüber wie ein Pfeil.

In a bright little brook the capricious trout
shot by in joyful haste like an arrow

Ich stand an dem Gestade und sah in süßer Ruh
Des muntern Fischleins Bade im klaren Bächlein zu.

I stood on the bank and calmly watched
the lively little fish bathing in the clear waters

Ein Fischer mit der Rute wohl an dem Ufer stand,
Und sah`s mit kaltem Blute, wie sich das Fischlein wand.

An angler with his rod stood there on the bank
and looked on coolly as the fish swam about

So lang dem Wasser Helle, so dacht ich, nicht gebricht,
So fängt er die Forelle mit seiner Angel nicht.

As long as the clear water is not disturbed, I thought,
He won’t catch the trout with his rod

Doch endlich ward dem Diebe die Zeit zu lang. Er macht
Das Bächlein tückisch trübe, und eh ich es gedacht,

But finally the thief grew weary of waiting
In his treachery he muddied the water, and before I knew it

So zuckte seine Rute, das Fischlein zappelt dran,
Und ich mit regem Blute sah die Betrogene an.

His rod gave a twitch, the little fish was wriggling on the hook
And my blood stirred as I looked on at the cheated victim

poem by:

Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart (1739-1791)