Filmscape No. 1 – strings, harp, wind, organ, Riq



This is the first in a series “Filmscapes” ie soundscape music for films that don’t yet exist. The first one, which is almost atonal, starts with the Arabian tambourine (Riqq or Riq) reminiscent of the theme sound for the
Klingons in the early Star Trek films but then goes on to some winding saxophone solos and, in the quieter moments, the piece reflects the romantic flute of the Caprica series (not a direct copy of course!).
The harp and strings provide the thematic “glue” for the piece and the organ comes in occasionally to provide some different moods.
As with all the “filmscapes” that are still to come, this piece also serves as a basic “statement of musical intent”. If a film-maker likes the themes, s/he can contact me in order to collaborate on