Il fait bon aimer l’oiselet by Antoine de Févin arranged for wind trio (flute, oboe, bassoon)



Instrumental arrangement of the madrigal by Antoine de Fevin
Il fait bon aimer l’oiselet [English translation below]
Qui chante par nature
Ce mois de mai comment qu’il soit
Tant comme la nuit dure

Il fait bon écouter son chant
Plus que nul autre
En bonne foi
Car il réjouit maint amant
Je le sais bien bien quant est à moi
Il s’appele rossignolet
Qui met toute sa cure
A chanter son chant parfait
Aussi c’est sa nature

You just have to love that little bird
Who sings from her very soul
This month of May, however it be
And for as long as the night will roll

You just have to hear her song
Finer than any other’s
I do declare
Because it gives joy to many lovers
My songster fair
It is the little nightingale
Who puts all its devotion
Into its perfect song
From its very creation.