Mass for three part mixed choir and organ


At the suggestion of a fellow chorister I decided to give my old “Mass for men’s voices and organ”
a new lease of life by providing a higher version for three part mixed choir (Sopranos, Altos and Men) and Organ.
The music has a ring of “oriental promise” according to one appreciative member of
the congregation at the original performance.

The zip file contains all movements in their transposed versions
(Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei) and also the original
organ voluntary (with registrations) which can be used at the end of the service if required.

This version allows the organist to select his or her own registrations,
but a version with suggested registrations will be available soon.

The sound sample is the Agnus from the original untransposed version for men’s voices,
sung by the Manchester Cathedral Voluntary Choir.