On the Wallaby (or Auf der Walz) – for flute and alto saxophone


A combination of German and Australian wandering folk songs (Es es es und es and Waltzing Matilda).
Journeymen (young craftsmen) in Germany used to be required by law to go from town to town to practise their skills rather than stay in one town, which gave rise to many songs, of which “Es es es und es” is the best known – (the words of that song mean “it is a hard conclusion but I have to leave this town”).
These journeys were referred to as “Walz” so these workers went “auf der Walz”.
The idea of travelling auf der Walz was also taken up in Australia (where they called it “on the Waltz” or “on the Wallaby”) and it gave rise to the famous song Waltzing Matilda, although, in the Ozzie song, the traveller was a swagman rather than a craftsman.
So I have called this arrangement “On the Wallaby”.