Praise to the Vine – choir SATB



This piece forms part of the Jellicles Collection
Note on the “Jellicles collection”
I would make it clear that this “Jellicle” music is my own work and totally unconnected with the works of any other composers (eg Alan Rawsthorne, Andrew Lloyd-Webber etc etc).

I was attracted to the words and rhythms of the Jellicle Cats poem (from TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats) back in the 70s and began with a simple duo for recorder and guitar.

In due course I made a setting of the poem itself for SATB choir, but, when I contacted the estate of TS Eliot, it would not give me permission to use the poem, although it did permit me to use the word “Jellicle” in my works.

However, the music of that choral setting was then given different words by my friend Jill Mitchell, and it became a lusty drinking song called “Praise to the Vine”.

Bring out the goblets! Pour the wine!
Praise to the vintage, red and white!
Salute to the harvest of the vine!
Banish sobriety! Welcome delight!

This sound sample is a live performance by Duodecimo