Reb Itzikel’s Niggun for guitar trio



Reb Itzikel’s Niggun – Rabbi Ezekiel’s dance – from
“8 Jewish melodies for guitar trio”, which is a collection
of arrangements by David W Solomons
of traditional tunes from various Jewish traditions

Thanks to the careful work of Alessandro Balsimini,
guitarist from Treviso, Italy,
who has already perfomed some of these pieces
with his trio in 2012, the scores
and parts have been expertly fingered and edited
to ensure the right balance of
sounds and sonorities in live performance.

The video below is a live recording by Alessandro Balsimini’s guitar trio Aurora

The zip file contains scores and parts of this piece.
If you would like all eight pieces please go to:
8 Jewish medlodies for guitar trio

The individual pieces are based on
the following traditional tunes:
Reb Itzikel’s Niggun
Ve David yefeh einaim
Hora Ne’urim
Hora Nirkoda
Ozi v’zimrat yah
Debka Gilbo’a
Bo Dodi