Rosebuds for cor anglais and guitar


Rosebuds is an instrumental piece based on my song for alto and guitar “As gleams the Rosebud”
(my father’s translation of a poem by the Renaissance poet Pierre de Ronsard)
the idea being the old theme of “Gather ye rosebuds while you may” …
The old poet advises the object of his love to make the most of young life and he remembers his own youth
with nostalgic regret.

As gleams the rose-bud in the month of May
In the first flush of youth and velvet flower
Rendering Heaven jealous of her colour
Brimming with dawn tears at the break of day;

Within her petals love and grace both dwell,
Perfuming all the gardens and the trees.
Yet stricken by the rain or heat she dies,
Swooning away, with petals all unfurled.

And so it is, fresh in your tender years,
When earth and sky lauded your comeliness,
Fate struck you down, ashes alone are left.

In tender memory receive my tears
A sad libation to refresh these posies,
So that, alive or dead, you are but roses.

Versions have been arranged for flute, alto flute, clarinet and cor anglais, each with classical guitar accompaniment.

It is performed here by Ágnes Jakab (cor anglais) and András Csáki (guitar)