Rossignol du bois sauvage for alto voice and guitar


Arrangement for alto and guitar of this old French folksong.
The video (performance by the arranger) is a rather low quality recording (made on an old camcorder, but it gives some idea….)

Words (see below for English translation):

Rossignol du bois sauvage messager des amoureux
porte moi donc cette lettre à ma tant charmante amie
sur son lit couvert de fleurs
Rossignol prend sa volée au château d’la belle s’en va
il s’assit sur la croisée en chantant sa chansonnette
et la belle s’éveilla
Qui sont les mauvaises langues qui sur moi font des chansons?
Ce sont vos amis la belle qui ont fait la chansonnette
le soir en s’y promenant
La belle je m’en vas dimanche
je n’emporte rien de toi
donne-moi pour assurance un bouquet de souvenance
je m’y souviendrai de toi
Que veux-tu que je te donne t’ai-je pas assez donné?
je serai toujours t’amie
je t’ai donné ma tendresse
et tu garderas mon coeur

Literal translation
Nightingale of the wild wood, messenger of lovers
Take this letter for me to my lovely friend
on her bed covered with flowers
The nightingale flew off to the castle of the fair lady
he settles at the window (casement) singing his song
and the fair lady awakes
What are those wicked tongues making up songs about me?
They are your friends, fair one, singing ditties
as they stroll around
Fair one, I’m going away on Sunday
and not taking anything of yours
give me a bouquet of remembrance
(so) I can remember you.
What can I give you, haven’t I given you enough?
I shall always be your friend
I gave you my tenderness
and you will keep my heart.