Salga el torillo hosquillo (Let the little wild bull out) arranged for wind nonet


Instrumental arrangement of a Choral song by Diego Salazar;
it appears to be about a bullfight,
but in fact it relates to the battle of good and evil
with the Virgin Mary intervening.

Lyrics of the original song (with my translation)
– chorus –
Salga el torillo hosquillo
Pero no, que se aguarde, que se espere, que se tenga
Mientras me pongo en cobro yo

– Let the little wild bull out
But no, hang on, let him wait and hold in his fury
While I find some cover
Ho! –

– Solo –
Mas ay, que fiero
– But wow, how fierce –

El toro ligero corriendo salió
– The agile bull comes out running into the ring –
Tras mi bien, pero no tras mi
– Running after me, oh no, running after me! –

– chorus –

Yo le vi al amado dueño míro
– I see him, I look to my beloved Lord –
Que le esta esperando el Niño
– For whom the Christ child is waiting –

Yo le vi tiritando
– I see him shivering –
No de miedo si no de frío
– Not with fear but with with cold –

– solo –
Del vulgo de las nubes se despejó la plaza
Poblando las estrellas, del cielo las ventanas
– The bullring clears of the clouds of common people
Who go and populate the stars, the windows of heaven –

A fuera todo el mundo
A fuera hagan plaza
Que el toro es un demonio
Segun muestra la ensaña

– Out everybody!
out, make room!
because the bull is a evil demon
which shows no mercy –

– chorus –


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