Swallow ԾԻԾԵՌՆԱԿ (Dzidzernag) arranged for flute solo (new version)

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There are various versions of the Armenian song Dzidzernag (Swallow).
In this version I have arranged Komitas Vardapet’s original,
complete with its grace notes representing the twittering of the bird.

Rough translation of the original words:

Swallow Swallow, you pretty summer bird
Where are you flying so fast.
Oh swallow, the place where I was born is destroyed, please make your nest under our homeland sun.
Far away I have my father, who is waiting day by day for the return of his only son.
When you see him, tell him about me.
Tell him that because he is far far away, I cry a lot and my life is ending,
for me everything is dark, even at night I can’t sleep.
Tell him that I was like a beautiful flower which dried and died
because was deprived of his own land.
Oh little swallow fly and go far to our Armenian land
where I was born and now destroyed.