Thalia’s Rag – for wind quintet with spoken limericks




This version of the rag for Thalia, the Greek Muse of Comedy, has spoken limericks in time with each instrumental solo. (Very light-hearted and clean limericks!)
If you prefer a version without spoken voice, the purely instrumental version is also available on this site.

These are the limericks

There was a young man from Dunoon
Who loved to play on the bassoon
He played it with ease
but his neighbours said “Please,
Four thirty a.m. is too soon!”

A gardener who played the french horn
serenaded his garden at dawn
The grass grew so fast
He looked on aghast
and lost his french horn in the lawn.

There once was a musical vet
who wanted to play clarinet
with his parrot he sat
two dogs and a cat
and together they formed a quintet

The village of Upper Lobotomy
Accused a young man of cacophony
The oboe he’d play
Scared the wildlife away
So they sentenced him to an oboe-tomy

A serious young flautist called Flo
Insisted that blues were “no go!”
After Porgy and Bess
She had to confess
“It ain’t necessarily so!”