The Frostbound Wood for ATBB a cappella


This setting for Christmas represents the cold of a Northern winter
(the cruel wind blows)
although of course the actual events took place in rather warmer climes.
It also reflects much of the liturgical and popular symbolism of the Christmas season: robins, holly etc and it brings our thoughts towards the season of Easter with the blood of Good Friday.

A robin brought some holly all covered with snow.
The cruel wind blows.
From each little berry fell drops of blood,
Which covered the earth where the Virgin once stood.
The cruel wind blows.

Dark was the sky when Angels came to stay,
They brought old lanterns to lead the way.
The cruel wind blows.
Candles brightly shine for all to see,
They glow tonight through the ageing year.
Tender are the lilies as soft as her gown
And white are the ringlets that fall to the ground.
Mary with her child upon this Winter night,
She walked through the darkness with yellow candle light. North winds blow across the fields,
But only one child continues to dream.
The cruel wind blows The cruel wind blows.

Video sung by the composer: