The Mermaid – clarinet trio



This belongs to a series of fifteen easy clarinet trios (for 1st or 2nd year students) based on traditional English,
Scottish, Welsh and Irish folk songs. I was specially requested to write these arrangements by a clarinet teacher who has also previously performed other music of mine in concerts and on CD.

The range does not go above the soprano top C (2 ledger lines above the treble clef) and the settings avoid the difficult transition “a” to “b” between the chalumeau and clarino ranges.
The key signatures (as written) range from two flats to three sharps.

The entire collection is available separately here (at $1.50 each) and also as a complete set (for the discounted price of $19.00), all at

As each piece comprises only one or two pages the players will be able to read from the scores, without the need for separate parts.

The pieces are as follows:
1. The Waxie’s Dargle (also sung to the words “The girl I left behind me”)
2. Scotland the brave
3. The Ash Grove (often sung to the words “In yonder green valley”)
4. Men of Harlech
5. The Belle of Belfast city (“I’ll tell my ma when I get home”)
6. Donkey Riding (“Were you ever in Quebec”)
7. Blow away the morning dew
8. Come live with me
9. The king’s joy (“When the King comes home again”)
10. Drunken Sailor
11. The Oak and the ash (“A North country Maid”)
12. Spanish Ladies
13. The Mermaid
14. And she shall walk in Silk Attire
15. The Skye boat Song (“Speed bonny boat like a bird on the wing”)