The Storm (arrangement for wind quartet of the choral work by Roland Rogers)



Arrangement for woodwind quartet (transposed to C minor) of Roland Rogers’ victorian choral piece “The Storm”
in which a ship at sea is caught in a storm, a frightened boy in his bedroom, on land, prays for the sailors.
In the morning all is well and they sing praise to God.

These are the words: poem by Adelaide Procter:

The tempest rages wild and high,
The waves lift up their voice and cry
Fierce answers to the angry sky, –
Miserere Domine.

Through the black night and driving rain,
A ship is struggling, all in vain
To live upon the stormy main; –
Miserere Domine.

The thunders roar, the lightnings glare,
Vain is it now to strive or dare;
A cry goes up of great despair, –
Miserere Domine.

The stormy voices of the main,
The moaning wind, the pelting rain
Beat on the nursery window pane: –
Miserere Domine.

Warm curtained was the little bed,
Soft pillowed was the little head;
“The storm will wake the child,” they said:
Miserere Domine.

Cowering among his pillows white
He prays, his blue eyes dim with fright,
“Father save those at sea to-night!”
Miserere Domine.

The morning shone all clear and gay,
On a ship at anchor in the bay,
And on a little child at play, –
Gloria tibi Domine!

Video of the choral version sung by the arranger: