The Swallows for cor anglais and piano



The Swallows is based on the poem by Gourgen Mahari, as translated from the Armenian by James Russell.
The Armenian poet Gourgen Mahari, who died in the USSR in 1969 is lamenting his many compatriots who were exiled, dispossessed and killed during the 20th century (poem shown below)

== The Swallows ==
Far in the distant Nile Valley down nameless highways unknown,
where the Dead Sea`s gloomy ripples break,
straining on their way unfinished home,
with a song in their hearts,
the swallows died,
unable to return.
Far in the distant Nile Valley down down nameless highways unknown.
They never came back to adorn the Spring with heady song,
to chant with the winds the green meadow,
rebuild abandoned nests.
They died on distant mountains, plains afar,
unable to return. Far away.
Can they subsist with the love of our hearts
or our gardens` blossoms gay
or our joyous vernal rains?
They who died on the way unfinished home.
Far in the distant Nile Valley.
Unable to return.