Three words too many – oboe and guitar



Three words too many (“say it in words and you cheat, you cheat the indefinable”).
This was originally a song, which I wrote back in my tender years.

It also works well on a wide range of instruments, so I have provided versions on MusicaNeo
for guitar with flute, cor anglais, alto sax, French horn, clarinet, oboe and violin.

After a gentle introductory major chord arpeggio, the tension of the piece comes into play from
the third bar where the melody line holds and repeats an augmented 4th suspension above the guitar.
This note then returns as the arpeggio chords change underneath to reveal it as a minor third
of a chord related by three degrees of separation from the original – C major to E flat minor.
The harmonies and melody continue to sway in their relations in a curious and yet logical progression.

I have provided score and parts and also a version of the guitar part which provides chord names and
fretboard symbols which would make it useful for educational purposes