Up I arose in verno tempore for cello and guitar



Instrumental duo based on an anonymous 15th century macaronic song about a girl who was made pregnant, and then abandoned, by a cleric.
The melody is taken by the guitar in with variations in the middle, while the melody instrument has a countermelody, and then, in the final section, the melody instrument provides a few divisions.

For interest here are the words of the original song with my translation of the Latin bits:

Up I arose in verno tempore [in springtime]
and found a maiden sub quadam arbore [under some tree]
that did complain in suo pectore [in her bosom]
saying “I feel puerum movere [the little boy moving]

Adieu pleasures antiquo tempore, [in times gone by]
full oft with you solebam ludere. [I used to play]
but for my sins mihi deridere [they hold me in derision]
with right good cause incipio flere [I start to weep]

Now what shall I say meis parentibus, [to my parents]
because I lay with quidam clericus [some man of the cloth]
They will beat me cum virgis et fustibus [with sticks and clubs]
and me sore chaste coram omnibus [in front of everybody]
With the said child quid faciam [what shall I do]
shall I it keep vel interficiam [or kill it]
If I slay it quo loco fugiam [where shall I flee to]
I shall lose God et vitam eternam [and eternal life]