Variations on Hari Bouriquet for cor anglais and piano


Variations on a satirical Madrigal by Claudin de Sermisy
This is part of my series “An ABC of the Renaissance”

Lyrics of the original song:
Les dames se sont tailladées (tentative English translation below)
Chacune d`un Toulouzan
Par compra, ha, ha
L`eyse Sabaton de Cordouen
Lo scafignolet, hari bouriquet…
L`on sonne une cloche dix ou douze coups;
Le peuple s`approche, se met a genoux,
Le prestre se vest
hari, hari l`asne, hari bouriquet
Du pain sur la nappe, un calice d`or
Il met prend sa chappe, dit Confiteor
Le peuple se taist
Si tost qu`il acheve, le peuple ecoustant
Sa Parole esleve et respond autant en plus haut caquet

Here is my tentative English translation:

“The ladies have put on their fine slashed Toulouse dresses
To appear at Sunday mass in Place Cordouen
Nicely turned out indeed
Giddy up, donkey!

The bell is rung ten or twelve times
The congregation approaches and kneels,
The priest dons his vestments
Giddy up, donkey!
Bread on the cloth, a golden chalice
He places it and dons his cope and says “Confiteor”
The congregation is silent
As soon as he`s done, the congregation, listening to his word,
rise up and respond
Giddy up at the tops of their voices…


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