Variations on Home Sweet Home for wind quartet



A parodical instrumental version of Henry Bishop’s famous tune (There’s no place like home).
Each variation gives the tune to a different instrument in the group and the various styles represent the various uncles we might visit, who lend their own national flavour to the tune, before returning to our original home.

The sequence is:
The original composition by Henry R. Bishop
Variation 1. Uncle Hamish – involving Scottish snaps and bagpipe drones and a brief quote fom Scotland the Brave
Variation 2. Uncle Scott (Joplin) a sort of ragtime version
Variation 3. L’Oncle Olivier (Messaien) – a moody version in octatonic mode (one of Messaiens’ favourite modes)
Variation 4. Uncle Wu – a major pentatonic version in honour of a doctor of mine
Variation 5. Onkel Johann (Strauss) a jolly waltz
Variation 6. Back Home