Whither away so fast (from the madrigal by Thomas Morley) – 2 C flutes, 1 alto flute



Lovely madrigal by the Renaissance composer Thomas Morley arranged for various combinations of wind instruments:
so far, the following are available:
flute trio (3 C flutes)
flute trio (2 flutes and 1 alto flute)
wind trio (flute, oboe and cor anglais)
recorder trio (descant, treble and tenor recorders)

(in the case of the recorders I have kept the dynamics of the other versions for information
although I am of course aware that the dynamic range of recorder is smaller)

Other combinations may well become available eventually.
I have altered the madrigal very subtlely by adding some phrasing and staccatos and tying some notes that were originally repeated because of the verbal underlay of the original madrigal.