Professional Performances

My works and arrangements have been performed by many professional musicians – here are some examples ….

These links go to video playlists or to individual videos on Youtube

Budapest Scoring (choral and instrumental groups)

Budapest Scoring Wind Quintets

Budapest Scoring: Cor anglais (English horn) and Guitar – Esprit de Cor

Performances in 1989 by Sheralyn Rennert and David W Solomons

The Johannebergs Vokalensemble (Göteborg, Sweden)

The Composers’ Choir

Matthew Curtis (multitrack singer)                                     

Duo Musaikon (clarinet and guitar)

Philadelphia Flute Quartet                                                      

Duo Scherzando (clarinet and guitar)

The Ken Morrell Saxophone Quartet                                        

The Octava Chamber Orchestra

The Flute View Trio                                                                

Flute Pie (flute with piano and 2 flutes with piano)

Lisa Hedley’s flute, oboe and piano trio

Ravel Virtual Studios

Manchester Cathedral Choirs                                                   

Paul Wehage (alto saxophone)

Robert Billington (flute) and also with Rene Gonzales (guitar)              

Aurora Guitar Trio

Mark Crayton and James Janssen – alto and piano                   

Stephen Taylor and Jonathan Leonard – alto and piano

David Carlston Williams – Organ

Alessandro Balsimini – classical guitar with me singing                                   

Serenade Duo – flute and classical guitar

Melanie Chirignan & Tim Maynard – flute & classical guitar      

Nancy Tyler and Elyce Ostermann – flute solos duos and multitrack flute

Suellen Primost – Cello

Folk contra Punkt – flutes, cello and classical guitar                

Ronald Frost – Organ                                                              

Musicians in Chile – guitar, flute, cello, mezzo-soprano and saxophone

Musicians in Costa Rica (The Fruitful Pond) – String quartet and Brass ensemble

Daniel Mihai – virtuoso violinist

Iris Clarinet Quartet

Fell Clarinet Quartet

Tubalate Euphonium and Tuba Quartet

Camerata String Quartet

Bruce Paine and Rex Button – guitar solos and duos

Elaine Alexander – oboe with guitar

Tim Hillier – violin with guitar

Chris Benson – cello and recorder with me on guitar

Andrew Anderson – piano solo

Owen Wynn Chorale – adult choir, children’s choir and instruments

Helge Øye – recorders with ensemble

Tasse (Nigel Tasane) – recorders with guitar and voice

David Lowe – recorder with guitar and voice

Brigitte Jones and Ute Schwarting – piano duo

Duncan Saunderson – alto

Eleanor Collier Deborah Catterall and Jacqueline Malone – soprano, flute and piano

Chatfield Chantons Choir

Jewish Melodies flute and guitar – Tomoyuki Ikeda and me

Flutissimo (The Witches’ Recipe)

Thomas Meany and Michael Simmons – (flute and guitar)